The Original Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo

It’s a pipe! It’s a lighter! IT’SACOMBINATIONPIPEANDLIGHTER!!! Sorry, got a little excited there, I’ll try that again. This, ladies and gents, is a combination pipe and lighter! A pipe and lighter in one! A pipe lighter combo, if you will. And you will.

This silver coloered Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo is a combination lighter pipe!

This awesome weed gadget is The Original Wickiepipe Combination Pipe and Lighter. Packed with quality and features, the portable Wickipipe is fun, convenient and an all around great device for using while on the go.


Electrify your life, and your pipe, with this awesome pipe with a built-in electric lighter! It’s the …

The Wickipipe is a self-igniting pipe. It has a removable bowl cover so you can fill it up ahead of time plus a cool secret storage compartment under the mouthpiece to stash your smokeables. It even has a fuel gauge, and adjustable flame control!

The Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo is a combination lighter pipe!

If you like cool weed gadgets…and I know you do…this cool weed gadget needs to find its way into your collection. COMBINATION PIPE AND LIGHTER!!!!

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  1. how the hell do you find the wickie pipe lighter combo ?

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