RAW Wood Rolling Box bundle with papers, tips, scoop and grinder!

Liberate your nugs from the ziploc gulag in the back of your freezer and whisk them away to the luxury suite that is the RAW Special Wood Rolling Box. This beautifully designed wood rolling box is gorgeous AND functional (like me). It has a magnetic lid, which keeps it on nice and tight. Also, adding magnets to anything automatically makes it way cooler!!! Science is dope tho.

The interior of the box features multiple compartments with an adjustable separator to accommodate your gear and gadgets. It even comes with a ton of awesome RAW brand goodies, like King Size Rolling Papers, Filter Tips, a super handy Scoop Card…PLUS a Chrome Crusher aluminum grinder!!! What a great gift for your smoker pals, or yourself…hell, even dads and grads! If you prefer just the box by itself, you can get it here without the accessories for 10 bucks less. Check er out!

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    Angie Webster September 13, 2017 at 6:13 am

    The mouse option is unbelievable I love it

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