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Weedgadgets is a website called “Weedgadgets” that features weed gadgets. This is the About Us page of Weedgadgets. It has information about us. It also has this sentence, as well as the sentences before it and, I hope, future sentences.

YES MY HOPE CAME TRUE!!!! Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. You like this site (thank you by the way), and you’d like to know more. So here’s a little about us: Weedgadgets features a hand-picked, specially curated, lovingly assembled, expertly commented-upon collection of unique, interesting, fun, useful, silly, “phat”, wacky, and all-around neat gadgets, tools, devices, pipes, papers, vaporizers, ashtrays, lighters, gifts, smoking accessories and the like that might be of interest to the cool folks around town.

One thing I should mention is that, by the power vested in me, these gadgets should not be used to engage in any illegal activity, and you should only use smoking accessories featured on Weedgadgets to smoke tobacco, kitchen herbs or other legal substances. Any purchases you make based on information from Weedgadgets.com are intended for use with tobacco and legal herbs only. Weedgadgets loves cool weed gadgets, but one thing we don’t condone is anything that will get us in trouble. So stay safe out there, gadgeteers, and live, love and laugh.

This has been About Us, by Weedgadgets.


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