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Blue MAZE-X smoke cooling pipe with cutaway showing detailed inner workings of device.

Unlock your smoking session with the power of mazes! But how, HOW?? With the amazing MAZE-X Smoke Cooling Pipe, that’s how. But there’s only one way out of this maze. You gotta smoke your way out.

But it can be done! We had the pleasure of testing out this innovative pipe here at the Weedgadgets lab, and it definitely earned some fans. So let’s dive in.

This handheld spoon pipe cools smoke with a filtered maze design, featured here with purple exterior.

From first impressions, the MAZE-X looks more or less like an ordinary spoon pipe. But it’s so much more. There’s a lot under the hood here. And get under the hood, you can! Because the whole thing comes apart – which is pretty fun, and definitely the first thing you should do when you get one.

Inside you’ll discover one funky looking maze of silicone that is the heart of the operation. It diverts the smoke through a labyrinth of twisty turney pathways, slowing it down and extending its path, thus cooling it down before it gets to you.

And cooler smoke is much cooler than smoke that is less cool. I think we can all agree on that. It means much more comfortable hits, less throat irritation, less lung irritation, and less coughing. In fact, the MAZE-X Pipe actually has a patent on the “cough-less” technology used in this very pipe.

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Their unique approach to cooling down smoke delivers an experience roughly comparable to a water pipe, while using completely waterless filtration.

In addition to cooling down the smoke, the maze of medical grade silicone inside this clever pipe also acts as a filter, catching lots of tar, resin, and general gunk that you’ll be happy didn’t make it’s way to you.

The maze inside this spoon pipe cools smoke for more comfortable hits, and filters it as well with a medical grade silicone construction seen here.

When testing it out, we definitely found this to be true, and no coughing. So the cough-less technology definitely delivered. We also liked the large borosilicate glass bowl. It’s removable for easy cleaning, and you can get a bunch of extra bowls and just swap them out.

This smoke cooling spoon pipe, pictured in black, utilizes a silicone maze and advanced materials.

There’s also a clever bowl lid. It stows away underneath the pipe, and you just pop it off and swivel it around to the top to cover up the bowl. Pretty nice for traveling, pack the bowl ahead of time and you’re set to jet. We also liked to use the cover to extinguish the bowl after hitting it. We found that a little smoke leaks out of the carb hole when you do this, though, so we suggest hitting it one last time after putting the cover on, just to make sure it’s clear.

The MAZE-X Pipe’s use of medical-grade silicone for the body and bowl cover made it really easy to clean. In fact, the box it comes in doubles as a little cleaning tub, so you can drop the whole pipe in there with some isopropyl alcohol, we like the 91%, and let it soak and slosh around in there for a bit. Then a quick rinse and you’re back in biz. You can even give it a quick scrub with degreasing dish soap, also seems to work pretty well.

Detailed image showing cutaway of smoke cooling pipe, the maze chamber inside, and the glass bowl and integrated cover.

With its patented cough-less technology, the MAZE-X Pipe delivers smoother hits, super easy cleaning, and a cooling experience comparable to a water pipe.

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This is one maze you’ll love to get lost in. Unravel the secret pathways of the MAZE-X to unlock a truly comfy smoking experience. Embrace the maze, y’all.


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