ROLLING MACHINE INSTRUCTIONS – How To Roll Your Own with a Joint Roller

So you’re probably looking at your brand new joint rolling machine and wondering how something that looks so simple could be so totally unintuitive to use, am I right?? Yes. Well look no further. If you want to roll your own and need simple rolling machine instructions, you’ve come to the right place.

The following instructions use a Zig-Zag Rolling Machine for the demonstration, but this how-to applies to any joint roller or rolling machine of similar design, like the very highly rated Raw Rolling Machine (or if you’re feeling like a pimp, brush ya shoulders off and check out Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine).

The video below has instructions on how to use one of the coolest and simplest smoking accessories out there – you’ll be rolling your own in to time!

Instructions on how to use a joint roller are also detailed in text below, just after the video…

Rolling Machine Instructions:

And now we present rolling machine instructions in text form. These apply to the Raw Rolling Machine, the Zig Zag Joint Rolling Machine, Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine, or any other cigarette or joint roller of similar design.

There are just a few easy steps to follow and you’ll be rolling your own, lickity split…


  • Open up the rollers.
  • Put in a filter and slide it to one side.
  • Put in a big pinch of whatever you’re smoking. You might want to do this over a sheet of paper or a magazine, there could be some spilage.


  • Close it back up again.
  • Pick it up and turn both rollers toward you, using your fingers to keep the plastic taut around the inside so that the guts get nice and tight. 


  • Insert a sheet of rolling paper between the rollers, gummed side toward you. It might require a little shimmying. Don’t be scared.


  • Roll the paper in by continuing to roll towards you.
  • Stop before rolling it all the way in – you’ll want to leave a little sticking out so that you can lick it.
  • Now roll it in the rest of the way, giving it a few more rolls.
  • Open er up, and BOOM! You just rolled yourself a joint! Er, cigarette. 


  • Now smoke dat.

And now you know how to use a rolling machine! It is a good day. If you don’t already have one, grab one of these Zig Zag Rolling Machines from Amazon, they’re just a few bucks and totally worth it! And that link is to a great combo deal that includes the joint roller, rolling papers and a grinder, too! Hot damn!

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