This bong disguised as a water bottle is so stealth, you'd never know it concealed a hidden pipe.

Be sure to stay highdrated with this super cool and oh-so-stealthy bong disguised as a water bottle! It’s the Budsy Hidden Water Bottle Bong, the perfect weed gadget for sneaky smokers.

This clever contraption so incognito. At first glance it looks just like a regular water bottle. At second glance it still looks like a regular water bottle. At third glance, it’s getting to be a lot of glances…starting to seem kinda creepy.

But not to worry! One thing that always brings folks closer together is a smoking sesh. Lucky for you, that water bottle you were creepin on is actually a bong in disguise!!

The Budsy is the perfect way to hide your smoking gear in plain sight. The top pops open and transforms into the mouthpiece. And there’s a ceramic bowl that sits right beneath it, complete with a handy little silicone tab, making it easy to remove and handle. And what looks like a straw is actually a downstem with a percolator at the end of it for big, comfy hits.

This stealthy water pipe is great for smoking at home, and also makes an awesome travel companion. You could even pack Budsy’s bowl ahead of time, then head out on your adventure. Great for outdoor outings, concerts, picnics, tail gates, dog shows, regattas, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, the list is endless.

So discreet, so fun. Check out the Budsy Hidden Water Bottle Bong for one seriously sneaky smoking device.

And, uh, oh yeah....


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