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How about a bong with frickin’ LASER BEAMS!? Oh yes, you read that right, friend. It’s the The Trident Laser Bong from Hitoki, proof that the future has indeed arrived.

This high-end laser-powered water pipe is a beauty to behold. With rock solid construction, clean lines, and top-shelf design, this is one sophisticated smoking device. Not to mention the hits, which are big, clean and packed full o’ flavor. And also, lasers!

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The Trident sports a 445 nm class 4 blue laser that zaps your bud to the exact right temperature before sending it through a water-filtered chamber, down the mouthpiece and finally, into your face. This uniquely precise, light-powered process creates one of the cleanest and classiest hits you can come by. You can use it with a hookah-style hose, or a standard mouthpiece, which makes it both fun and fancy.

This cool laser-powered water pipe is both high-tech and high-end.

Quick side note, Albert Einstein established the theoretical foundations for the laser in his 1917 paper Zur Quantentheorie der Strahlung (On the Quantum Theory of Radiation). Now most people don’t know this, but he included a footnote that, roughly translated from German, says “yall should smoke weed with this”. He doesn’t get enough credit for that.

The Laser Bong is a total conversation starter. And once you start a conversation about it, you’re probably gonna smoke it. And that’s great, because as fun as it is to look at, it’s even more fun to use. Why?

Laser beams!!!

The versatile Laser Bong works with both concentrate and dry herb, with different temperature settings for each. And you can recharge the battery via USB-C, but you probably won’t have to all that often. The laser is so efficient that one charge is good for over 280 uses.

Luxury laser bong in premium 24k gold finish makes an incredible addition to even the most discerning smoker's stash.

With all that technology, design, functionality and wow-factor wrapped up into one package, this futuristic phenom will definitely take your weed gadget game to new heights. You can even pick one up in Rose Gold or 24k Gold. I mean, 24k gold laser bong?!? Yes please.

If Family Feud had a category that was Things We’ll Have In The Future, the number one answer would be Laser Bongs.

So yeah, the future is now. Finally, am I right? Everyone’s always like, is it the future yet? And I’m like, well are you smoking laser bongs?

Well you are now, Future You! And congratulations for making this far btw. You deserve a laser bong, don’t you think?

This luxury bong is available in 24k gold and users lasers to light herb.

The luxury laser beam lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. But fear not, Weedgadgeteers! Check out this amazing COUPON CODE that’s good for s big ol’ 10% DISCOUNT on the The Trident Laser Bong! High-tech tokes for everyone!

10% OFF The Hitoki Trident Laser Bong!
CRAZY big savings on the incredible Laser Bong!

Holy crap, that IS a great deal! Now go light up your life with some lasers, baby.

  1. I like this description but my favorite is the survival kit description. Id buy just because the story is the most entertaining thing I have read all year. Awesome thanks for being here.

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