This stealthy vaporizer looks like a zippo lighter and works with 510 threaded cartridges

You’re gonna flip your lid for this vaporizer with a flip top lid. The VERB vaporizer from RYOT is a Flip-Top Vaporizer looks like zippo lighter!

This compact vaporizer battery looks like a lighter and can be discreetly concealed in your hand.

Who needs another regular old vape cartridge battery when you can get a dope little kit like this. You just pop your 510-threaded cartridge into the VERB, and you’ll be ready to start flippin’ and sippin’. So cool, and so fun to use.

But this little vape battery isn’t just cool and fun, it’s also oh-so-stealthy. This vaporizer looks so much like a zippo lighter, you can carry it almost anywhere without worrying about attracting too much attention. It’s very incognito and perfect for on-the-go.

The VERB makes a great travel companion, festival buddy, picnic pal, or hey depending on how things go maybe a new best friend? Maybe?? Ok let’s just see how things go no big whoop.

This discrete flip-top vaporizer batter fits 510-threaded cartridges and looks like a zippo lighter.

If you’re looking for a low-key stealth vape, or just need a new vape battery and want to mix things up with a unique design, check out the this Flip-Top Vaporizer that looks like lighter!


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