Puffit vaporizer looks like an inhaler.

Oh snap! Is what your friends will say when they see your new vaporizer that looks like an inhaler what!??!?!! Yeah, you can believe your eyes. This innocuous looking inhaler is indeed a rechargeable, portable, bad ass vaporizer with an advanced temperature control system, USB charger, carrying case and a bunch of accessories. And talk about stealth!

PUFFiT portable vaporizer looks like an inhaler! A stealthy smoking device in disguise.

Cause sometimes you gotta be sneaky. And what’s less conspicuous than an asthmatic? They’re practically invisible in our society. And rightly so. Hey asshole, if you wanna breath, move to Europe! Sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t use this website as my anti-asthma bully pulpit and THERE I go again.

Anyway, check out the super cool, super incognito PUFFiT Vaporizer…it looks like an inhaler!!!

  1. And it works with herb or it’s for wax?

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