Shhh! Did you smell that? Me neither. And it’s all thanks to this stealthy, snazzy, totally odor-proof dugout! It’s the UndurCuvur One Dugout, a really cool take on the classic, beloved dugout smoking system.

The UndurCuvur One sports a glass stash jar wrapped in dense, impact-resistant silicone along with a one-hitter bat that sits snugly beside it.  The whole thing closes up tight, making it odor proof, waterproof and airtight.This rugged dugout is the perfect travel pipe, with odor proof storage and incredible design.

The generously proportioned glass stash makes loading and reloading a breeze. And it’s pretty cool to have the luxury of glass in such a tough and portable package.

The matte black body makes this stealthy dugout a low-key standout. It comes with a side-widow so you can check your levels – but if you need to be in total stealth mode, they even have a windowless version. 

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  1. You say odorless well what about the smell of the smoke?

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