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If you like a good combo, you’re gonna love this. It’s the StashLight, a lighter with a built-in stash compartment!

This tubular little guy is a combination doob tube and lighter. It’s pretty much everything you need, all rolled up into one. Take it on a hike, take it on a bike, take it any where you like. You might even want to write a poem about it.

But seriously though, this compact stash lighter is waterproof, smell-proof and easily fits in a pocket. The flint-style, refillable lighter that sits atop the doob tube stash is wind resistant and tucks away neatly under the machined metal cap.

Lighter stash compartment holds smoking stuff

The StashLight is made by the same folks that brought you the Path Pipe, featured here on Weedgadgets. The tube-shaped stash compartment is perfect for holding pre-rolls, but can also accommodate about a gram of dry herb.

The durable aluminum StashLight is cool, stealth, and sneaky. It even has a ring for attaching to your key chain. Use it on the go, take it to a show… light up ya life, baby!

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