Life is confusing. Are you on the right path? Well you’re about to be…with The Path Pipe! An ingenious – and gorgeous – hand pipe that cools smoke with a maze-like path for ultra smooth hits.

The magic begins as soon as you inhale, drawing smoke through the bowl to begin its exciting journey down a winding, aluminum path before reaching the mouthpiece, emerging anew as a cool, comfy cloud. Wow, what a transformation story! It really is a feel-good piece.

For real, though, it feels amazing. The beautifully designed Path Pipe is made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum and fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. Its smooth anodized finish comes in black or silver and is tough as all get out.

And the unique path design not only filters and cools the smoke, it looks quite dope. The clever sliding cover means you can pack a bowl ahead of time, then close it up to completely seal the bowl and smoke chamber for totally odor-proof transport. Plus there’s a built-in poker!

Go snag a Path Pipe, this one’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Oh, and also…


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