Look at this sexy thang. It’s the Genius Pipe and it is one sleek and stealthy pipe. This baby’s got beauty and brains.

Hidden inside the snazzy case is a patented dimple design that creates a smoke-cooling vortex matrix. Just think of it, your very own smoke-cooling vortex matrix! Not only is the cooled smoke more pleasant, it’s easier on the lungs and throat.

The Genius One makes a great travel buddy. The magnetic cover keeps your herb locked in and the smell locked out. Just pack a bowl, stick it in your pocket and you’re ready to go.

The Genius One is a great pipe for smoking weed and adds cred to any cannabis gadget collection

It’s also super easy to clean. Wait…smart, sexy, discreet, easy to clean…if this were a Tinder profile I’d be swiping right for sure.

Unfortunately it is not, and sadly you can not make love to the Genius One. Well you can, but it voids the warranty.

If you’re looking for a beautiful stealthy pipe that hits like a dream, look no further than the Genius One Pipe by Genius Pipe.

  1. These are all great products by the looks of things. I would like to be able to review these gadget’s. I will put the word to other people to visit the site.

  2. Awesome pipe….says easy to clean. Could you elaborate. Does it come apart to clean? As with most pipes they will get gummed up at some point.

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